As a social enterprise, we make educational films about farmers who have transitioned from industrial to holistic management practices. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and please donate to help us make more of these films.

What is the Grow Love Project?

Grow Love Project is a network that connects sustainable and ethical producers, shops and consumers. It’s for all the farmers who love what they grow and all the people who prepare their food with love.


Past Australian agricultural practices have degraded the landscape, reduced carbon stores, dehydrated the landscape and decreased biodiversity.  In the future, droughts are predicted to grow in frequency and severity and we need to support farmers and their communities to adapt to these events by increasing farm resilience.


A growing number of farmers practicing regenerative agriculture are healing landscapes; becoming healthier, more profitable and more resilient. We aim to speed up the process of farmers moving from industrial to regenerative agriculture. We do this by leveraging the leaders in sustainable ag through media, network and community:

 Media - creating video and social media that captures the stories behind sustainable farms

 Network - connecting consumers and sustainable producers through 'film feasts' dinners where the city gets to taste, watch, see, hear and discuss sustainable food

 Movement - creating a community around sustainable agriculture by uncovering the issues that resonates with those that care