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What is the Grow Love Project?

The Grow Love Project is a specialist creative agency sharing stories that drive action on global challenges. We work with companies, governments, communities and individuals from all walks of life to share their ideas through podcasts, films, social media and events.

We create fun and entertaining content through a holistic, end-to-end production service. This includes content thinking, pre-production, story development, field recording, photography, and post-production.  



We are a values-based organisation. Our core values serve as the heart and soul of everything we do. Our beliefs and fundamental values guide us at every level, with a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible practices that will better the world. We are committed to promoting and supporting people and projects that:

Create positive, transformational change 

Celebrate Sustainable, regenerative practices 

Embrace diversity, inclusion and community 

Encourage ethical, open and honest conversations 

Push the boundaries - are bold and courageous, not afraid to challenge the status quo 

Demonstrate curiosity, creativity and open-mindedness



As a social enterprise, we are a cause-driven business, aiming to improve social and environmental well-being and promoting regenerative thinking and actions

Media - creating video and social media that captures the stories behind regenerative movements,  sustainable farming and outside-the-box thinking

Network - connecting individuals, organisations, communities and governments to work together and create positive change

 Movement - creating a community around sustainable and regenerative practices by uncovering the issues that resonates with those that care

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