About the team

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Susannah Kable, Director 

Susannah is a natural resource scientist passionate about working with land holders to create the best possible future for Australians and the environment. Susannah is known for her energy, storytelling and left field ideas. Susannah has worked in agriculture and forestry policy and communications to drive change.  In 2017 she was invited to be part of Actions for Agriculture, an agricultural social innovation lab from which Grow Love Media was born. Susannah believes all food and fibre can be produced sustianably.


Edgars Greste, Director and Content creator

Edgars is a filmmaking foodie. He loves feeding people healthy food and great ideas. He loves a good yarn - listening and spinning them. Edgars has created content for over 10 years working as a producer, journalist, and media educator. He is a one-man-band ready to film and photograph from the ground or up in the sky and edit it all into a neat film. As a co-founder of Grow Love Media, the most rewarding thing has been capturing on film the stories of down-to-earth farmers who are passionately committed to the land and their produce. His vision is that everyone becomes a grower so that children will understand where their food and fibre comes from.

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Nic Tan, Innovator

Nic is an inquisitive big picture thinker. His skills lie in macroeconomics, finance, economic development, trade and microeconomic reform, within the broader context of natural resource management and social policy. He applies these tools to better understand how society interacts within economies.


His goal is to work with government, business and farmers to inspire and drive change that improves economic, social and environmental outcomes towards a healthy food and fibre system.

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Joshua Soo, Strategist

Joshua is an innovation and customer strategist, helping businesses and start-ups connect with their customers to drive better front-end innovation and back-end commercialisation.
He has 10 years of experience consulting to ASX listed companies and governments including agri-food, healthcare, transport and financial services.


He is interested in agri-food value chain innovation and business model innovation to drive sustainable development and food security. He brings a fresh perspective through Design Thinking and creative problem solving, and has a background in advertising and marketing.


Danny Ruspandini, Branding

Danny is a brand and marketing strategist (and an earth baby). Working with a variety of eco-conscious companies and social enterprises, Danny helps them clarify their message and adopt planet-friendly, long term marketing practices that align with their values. 


Danny worked closely with the Grow Love team to develop their brand identity and messaging, and he continues to be a trusted consultant and supporter. He loves his planet, and is on a mission to help organisations reach their goals whilst producing less harmful marketing waste.