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Farmer Films

Farmer Brown's Pastured Eggs

Spicer's Creek, NSW

How much space do hens need to lay an egg? Angus and Hugh think 3 acres per hen is plenty. Pastured means the hens are free to roam where ever they like, grazing on pasture, amongst the trees, scratching in the earth and eating insects as they naturally should. They rise with the sun and tuck themselves in to their chicken caravans when it's time to roost for the night. Not only do their hens produce great eggs, but living in mobile caravans means they get fresh grass every few days and they fertilise the grass for the cows and sheep that share the property. With plenty of stockests its not hard to get hold of a good egg. See their website for details.

Charlie Arnott Grass Fed Beef

Boorowa, NSW

Charlie’s passion for sustainability and biodynamics has seen “Hanaminno” evolve into a showpiece of sustainability, highlighting the benefits of regenerative agricultural practices for the environment. Charlie has won various land management and sustainable farming awards and is the current Landcare Australia Sustainable Farmer Ambassador. Primarily breeding Shorthorn cattle, with sheep and pigs in the mix. His beef and lamb is sold direct to a number of butchers in Sydney, including 1888, Victor Churchills in Woollahra and Shiralee Organics in Brookvale.

Rayz Organic Grazing (Lamb)

Canowindra, NSW

Rayz Organic Grazing grow organic meat and wool on a community title farm near Canowindra in NSW. They are certified organic and use regenerative land management techniques. Andrew has a background in soil science and agriculture and Margie is a trained permaculture designer and community facilitator. Their farm demonstrates how grazing animals can build the ecosytem function in the landscape. They sell their lamb direct to the public.

Grassland Poultry

Wellington, NSW

For Kim and Bryan Kiss farming is more than just producing chicken meat; it’s about having access to healthy, ethically grown food that tastes great. This was there key motivator when starting their poultry business. They wanted to be able to eat well and have faith that a product is truly healthy and regenerative. It’s not always easy to find poultry that ticks those boxes. They realise it is important to maintain a strong connection to the land and let nature work its magic. Their heritage breed chickens have a slower optimum growth rate and will naturally forage. The result is healthier, happier birds, a more holistic system and chicken that tastes the way nature intended.

Rosnay Organic Wine

Canowindra, NSW

Rosnay is owned by the Statham family. They produce award winning certified organic wines, olives, and figs. Certified organic since 1998, the vines and orchards have never been sprayed with harmful chemicals, a family commitment. They are convinced that chemicals should not be used to produce food.

Rosnay is now a part of Rivers Road Organic Farms, a unique model of cooperative organic farming using Community Title. Visitors are welcome at any time by appointment for a tour and tasting, or to stay for a weekend in the original farm house converted for Farmstay accommodation.

Kurrawong Organics (Vegies)


Kirkconnell, NSW

The Kurrawong Organics farm is famous for its veggies with brassica varieties including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage . The farm has been certified organic for 12 years and they have won two Produce Awards from delicious food magazine. To minimise waste and make the most of the nutrious stalks Kurrawong Organics’ have branched out into broccoli powder that can be purchased at farmers markets in Sydney at Bondi, Carriageworks and Taylor Square and the Capital Region Farmers Markets in Canberra.

Extraordinary Pork

Dubbo, NSW

Michael and Alex live on a farm near Dubbo, NSW with their fabulous pigs. They are extraordinarily happy pigs,  free range, dig, eat grass and act like pigs! Their pigs are a heritage breed called Berkshires, which are well known for the marbling in their meat. They believe in connecting people to their food, regenerative farming and that pigs deserve sunshine, happiness and pats. They sell their meat from paddock to plate with the support of local members through Community Supported Agriculture. Their produce pasture raised pork can also be purchased at  Feather and Bone  (Sydney), Chard Kitchen and Bar (Orange), Whole Food Co-Op in (Bathurst).

Young, NSW

Richard and Bernie Page own and manage Stoneridge71. In 2020, the Page family celebrates 100 years of land stewardship. After discovering holistic management, Richard and Bernie have adopted regenerative farming principles to their sheep and cattle enterprise.

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