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We work with farmers to share their story about their premium produce to build trust and brand loyalty.

We consistently deliver on time and above expectations because we care about our farmers.

We are happy to consult at a time convenient to you - including  after your boots are off and the kids are in bed.

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Our clients like to work with us because we understand their business and share their passion. 

From increased sales to increased awareness, the Grow Love Project is spreading the word about

regenerative, organic and biodynamic farming.

Charlie Arnott

Grow Love Project isn't just another marketing company, they're on a mission to support farmers that are healing the landscape. They were a pleasure to work with as they understand farming.

Angus Maurice

There is a bit of confusion around pasture-raised vs free-range eggs, so when we approached retailers, about stocking our product, the films really helped to explain the difference and get us on the shelves.

Kim Kiss

[Our butchers] were interested in seeing our chickens. Because they haven't been to the farm, the films were a really good tool when we were talking to them. It validates what  we say we're actually doing. It backs up our story. 

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A growing number of farmers practicing regenerative agriculture are healing landscapes, becoming healthier, more profitable and more resilient.

We aim to speed up the process of farmers moving from industrial to regenerative agriculture. We do this by leveraging the leaders in sustainable agriculture through media, network and community.

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